No Internet Connection 10 Best Offline Games Android To Play In 2018

By | July 15, 2018

Best Offline Games Android:

Best offline games android, We are in the world where everyone is addicted to the internet things but sometimes it can be the main problem for the gamer.

Because we are the gamer and we need to save our internet data by playing offline games for android well there are many Best offline games android available in the google play store which is quite useful to play best offline games android.

Although there are many online Best games for Android which consumes low internet data as compare to other android online games, at the same there is a lot of reasons why a gamer wants to play offline games for android only.

The android offline games are quite easy to install and play in specific modes.

So maybe you’re wondering that which are the best android offline games? right? so here is the deal, in this unique article I am going to explain each and every step guide so without any further ado let’s begin. Best offline games android

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Free Best Offline Games Android:

So you’re looking for best offline games android?

if yes then you’re in the right place. Well, there is a difference between offline and online android games but as I mention above there are different kind of games you can get on google play store.

But wait if your going for online games they may cost you high internet data and you can face advertisement which is quite annoying sometimes.

If you want to go for offline android games that would be great for playing android games without any hesitation because in offline android games you can actually play your games smoothly and no doubts without any interruption. So now the time has come for the list of best offline games for android, yes you heard now I am going to share the list of top 10 best offline games for android, So without wasting any time lets dive in it.

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Bonus Game #Mini Militia:

Mini Militia is one of the best offline game ever. Once you play the game with your friends or relatives by Using Multiplayer Feature, then you won’t uninstall the game anymore. One of the major annoying thing in this game is you have to buy some pro features to unlock. Better to use Mini Militia Mod Pro Apk which is modded by Kuldip Patel. That Will give you best experience while playing the game. It is named MmSuperpatcher that gives superpowers to your avatar. This game can be played in Offline and Online. Even you can make new friends by utilising the chat feature.

#1. Ludo King

best offline games android

Ludo king basically comes in board games which have become quite popular now especially for offline android gamers, its designed and built for young age people.

The ludo king has become very famous recently and its developer designed and developed some excellent features in this game.

This game can be played online and offline mode.

If you want to play this game on your computer or desktop you can do that, it supports Android and IOS platform and you can also play ludo king players online with other players.

Ludo king has a good rating on Google play store.

By playing this game you can bring back your childhood gaming can play this game as a board game as in your favourite list on Android device you can surely give it a try.


   Download Ludo King


#2. Badland 2

badland 2 best offline games android

Badland 2 is yet another super successful game on google play store and won the most beautiful reward of google play store best of 2016, It has a great user interface to improve our gaming experience.

The Badland 2 is divided into four stages the beginning of the game there is a dawn stage,

which is the game progress through four stages Dawn, Noon, Dusk, and Night.

The game interface is quite interesting and has some cool features such as flying in both directions, new obstacles such as water, liquids, etc.

As you probably know that this the second version of badland game for Android and if you loved the first one.

Then you should definitely try it you will definitely love this one also.

Badland 2 has the rating of 4.2 on google play store.

   Download Badland 2

Badland 2 Game Trailer:

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#3. Tap Tap Dash

tap tap dash best offline games android

Tap Tap Dash is one of the popular arcade offline game for android it’s quite addictive. If you’re going to play you will get the goal to finish levels you can play this by a tap on the screen to jump and dodge the obstacles.

The best thing about Tap Tap Dash you won’t get bored by playing this amazing game because it has many levels up to 1000.

Tap Tap Dash has the rating of 4.6 on google play store.

The best thing about this you can also activate the multiplayer mode and play this amazing with your friends.

   Download Tap Tap Dash

Tap Tap Dash Trailer:

#4. Into The Dead 2

into the dead 2 best offline android games

Have You Played Into The Dead Ever? If not you probably aware of subway surfers or other running games. Into the dead 2 is another version of this game as I mentioned earlier its like subway surfers or temple run, in this game you have to run till dead in-game.

Into The Dead 2  is one of the best offline games android it is the same concept as other running games. But this game has a different kind of flavour in this game you have to protect yourself from zombies by keeping moving forward.

Into The Dead 2 has the rating of 4.5 on google play store and crossed more than 70+ million downloads also.

The game is best for zombies games lovers.

  Download Into the Dead 2

Into The Dead Trailer :

#5. Dead Trigger

dead trigger offline games for android apk

Dead Trigger Is yet another Best offline games android which you can consider for zombies game lovers also, yes you heard right the game is actually built and designed for zombies games lover.

The game is about the mission where the user can select a current mission and can also play some several missions or story missions for earning the bonus small gold coins.

Gold can be earned in the daily bonus mission, and the player is awarded one gold each when the time they up the level.

Dead Trigger has a rating of 4.6 on google play store.

The Game is for those who are the lovers of shooting games or zombies games, you can give it a try you would love it for sure.

   Download Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger Trailer:

#6. Contract Killer 2

contract killer 2 offline games free download

Contract Killer 2 is yet another shooting offline game for android, Mainly the game comes under action genre and the best part about this that is you can play without having any internet connection.

The game is all about shooting if you going to play you will definitely love if you like shooting and actions games.

Contract Killer 2 has the rating 4.3 on google play store.

I would definitely recommend this game if your lover of shooting or killing people in the game you should give it a try.

   Download Contract Killer 2

Contract Killer 2 Trailer:

#7. Limbo

limbo best free offline android games

Limbo is one of the popular adventure best offline games android you probably not aware that it is the award-winning game and also available for multiple platforms across the world.

The game story is about a boy who loses his sister in the dark forest where the boy will get obstacles and fight with evil spirits to save his sister lives.

The Game has the rating of 4.7 on google play store.

If you’re looking for the adventure or puzzle solving stages games then you must try this amazing game.

   Download Limbo

Limbo Trailer:

#8. Cut The Rope 2

cut the rope best free offline games for android

Cut The Rope 2 is yet another puzzle offline game for android, it’s character hunger little Omnom who always find sweet candy to eat although he is not alone in this game omnom’s friends will help him in eating candy.

You can also interact with different characters in this game and enjoy playing this amazing game.

Cut The Rope 2 has the rating of 4.3 on google play store.

If your looking for best puzzle game should try this amazing game.

   Download Cut The Rope 2

Cut The Rope Trailer:

#9. Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is one of the best fightings best offline games for android, It has amazing graphics and visual gameplay. It’s a martial fighting game and its second version of shadow fight also available on both platforms Android and IOS.

If you’re looking for a Best 2d game then you should try this for sure. Shadow fight 2 is the 2d best offline games android.

The game has the rating of 4.6 on google play store.

Shadow Fight 2 is fighting and action game if your looking for one of these you can definitely give it a try.

   Download Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 Trailer:

#10. Shadow Returns

Shadow Returns free offline games for android

Shadow Returns is one of the popular android offline game its a masterpiece game of shooting gamers, The game comes under action genre or RPG.

The game has a different kind of character options such as Street Samurai, Mage, Decker, Shaman, Rigger, and etc, so the player can choose any of them to begin the game.

Shadow Returns has the rating of 4.3 on google play store.

The game Can be played windows or Mac as well if your looking for RPG game this can be one of the best game you can play.

   Download Shadow Returns

Shadow Returns Trailer:


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