[Root] Blu R1 HD Root Method & Twrp Installation *2018

By | July 15, 2018

blu r1 hd root

blu r1 hd root

blu r1 hd root

blu r1 hd root

Blu R1 HD Root method and twrp installation will be covered in this topic today, You guys may be from google or youtube. Your host Nasim khan as the owner of the technohax heartly welcome you to our small Blog. Many people in the world use smartphone rather than using the keypad phones, isn’t cool. We are living in the 21th century and the old phone gone garbage.. Learning about the small fact about phones is when the new model as well as the ideas of smartphones launches the old phones got refurbhished.  If you are using the Blu r1 hd and want to root it the you may here luckily. from this article you will be able to learn blu R1 HD root method and installation of the tWRP on the blue R1 HD phone. For your kind information guys Blu R1 HD phone is available on the Amazon at the cost of $59 and everyone can buy easily
as well as installing TWRP and you don’t have to worry about the phone because it not worthy then we expect.  If you are lover of the games and want to play a interesting game called dragon city then you may check our previous article Dragon city mod apk .

Now talking about the process of the blu R1 HD root phone completely simple and as you guys can also install the TWRP on the phone easily you don’t have to worry about Breaking your phone as I said before it won’t brick your phone and it will be fixed in easily by using software on PC. in order to install as well as blu R1 HD root you need to follow up all the steps that I will recommend you below.

Features of Blu R1 HD Root :

blu r1 hd root

blu r1 hd root

Now, Taking about the features of Blu r1 hd root  you guys can get every feature of smart phone unlocked. As you guys can Google or you can ask your friend anyone else. Rooting Android smartphone can unlock every Single features which a smart guy need. Blu R1 HD root can be great option for you to have a featured full smartphone. You wont have to worry about the damaging of your phone as well as you guys don’t have to worry about any problem caused due to rooting Blu R1 HD phone. Some features that have included here

  • Rooting will Unlock the System Settings.
  • Blu r1 hd root can able to crack the games in it.
  • Blu r1 hd root can help you to edit system themes.
  • Blu r1 hd root can get your phone into a hacking system.
  • With the help of Blu r1 hd root, wifi hacking can be easy.

Required Files for Blu r1 hd root :

You need to download this all files which i have recommend you here to install the Blu R1 HD Root. You can download it easily from the link that i have provided below. Downloading this files won’t cause you any problem.


Requirement for blu r1 hd root:

  1. PC with internet.
  2. All files must be installed.
  3. Minimum 2 GB of RAM.
  4. Phone must be charged at least 15%.

Blu R1 HD Root Method :

blu r1 hd root

blu r1 hd root

In order to install the Blu R1 HD Root as well as TWRP on the phone then you guys need to follow all steps that I will provide you below. So without furthur delay let’s get started with article. Before we get started with the installation path I want to recommend you guys to download all the files that I will be using it to root blu r1 HD phone if you haven’t downloaded then you guys better go ahead and download it on your device storage as well as hard drive. If you haven’t read the requirements in order to install the Blu r1 hd root then you guys need to check it out.

  • Download the files from the upper section of Blu r1 hd root.
  • After you have downloaded, You need to Extract the sp flash tool and some other files too.
  • Now, you need to open up the sp flash tool on your PC.
  • You need to load the scatter file of twrp file into your phone.
  • After installing the twrp file on the blu r1 hd phone you need to install the super su.
  • Make sure you have placed the supersu file on blu r1 hd root phone storage.
  • You can see the successfull installation of twrp and you can install the supersu easily too.
  • Flash the supersu and congratulation you have blu r1 hd rooted.

Conclusion :

You have successfully installed the Blu R1 HD Root and twrp on your phone. You can enjoy your phone with rooted status. You can hack crack and can do anything you want with your smartphone.

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