VivaVideo PRO Video Editor HD 5.8.4 Apk Download For Android

By | July 15, 2018

Viva Video Pro APK

Smartphones have become more in use for various tasks from food ordering to calculating and playing games. People nowadays find themselves difficult and tedious to edit videos on a desktop as it takes a lot of time for the desktops to open and to complete the tasks. So, in these to make video making and editing faster various Apps have been released.

Everyone one requires a great APK which can make the video editing and make easier.  So in this article, we will be getting a glimpse about best APK of the century the Viva Video Pro APK.

This APK is mainly used by people using android phone as it can help in making the video editing easier. This APK is so great as it has more than 100 million downloads on google play. In this article, we will be focusing on mainly 2 aspects of this APK-  its features and the way to install this APK.

 Features Of VIVA Video Pro Apk

This app provides a wide variety of features. Some of the features of the APK are as follows-

HD Video Editing

This APK provides an HD quality video editing i.e.  720p which is very useful for frequently mobile users and editors. This APK also provides a great video and sound quality which makes the video look real.

Ad-Free Video Editor

This APK is totally ad-free. This makes the APK accessible to all and helps the people to do the work without any obstruction.

No Watermark

Many other APK has watermarks which make the video made less authentic and bad. But in this APK there is no watermark which makes the video made in this APK highly authentic and does not destroy the videos natural look.

Other Features

This APK provides various other features which make this APK highly professional.

This APK provides premium features such as premium effects, themes, and professional video editing tools which are very useful for people who like video editing and also these features can help the video to be more professional which in turn helps in the increase of market for these videos.

This APK also helps in making unlimited videos. These videos can be made into any length with the unlimited video limit feature.

Viva Video HD Video Editor Apk For Android

Version 5.8.4
App Size 38.6 MB
Required Android 4.0 +
Developer QuVideo Inc
Downloads 500,000 +
Last Updated 03 July 2018

Viva Video Pro Apk Download

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There are various procedures for installing any APK. This APK also has a procedure for installation. Now let the look at the procedure to install this APK.

Step -1 – If you have an android phone go to Google Play store purchase at rs 210 or download from above.

Step -2: Your device must have unknown sources enabled in order to install vivavideo pro apk. You can do so by going to security setting of your device :

Step – 3: Click install on the APK screen you find.

Step-4: The APK gets installed on your phone if the phone is android

So, these are the various procedures to install the Viva Video Pro APK on an android phone. I fell that these procedures are used to all.

Viva Video Pro App Download

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As the Smartphone era becomes more advanced. The perfection of work becomes a primary requirement. So these APK s are helpful to provide a great deal of perfection to the work done.  So, in this article, we saw a wonderful APK Viva Video Pro in its full entirety. We saw various aspects of this APK  from its features to how to install this APK on an android phone. I believe that this article will be helpful to all of you. So I  humbly request all to download this APK so that you can make a wonderful video which is highly perfect for high quality.  This APK can also help you to be a professional video editor.

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